Ella café is used as fast-food restaurant, and it is a combination with ala cart and many pastry and cakes.monty café do the best service to the public by doing high class of service,

And it have open kitchen which is give high level of profetiolisaum too.monty café having 60 seating capacity with personalize service, Monty café have more than signature dishes which is unique to Ella.

And Ella café is more concern about the health too, and Monty Café have very reasonable prices too. It’s open in the morning 10 am to 11.00 pm. Welcome to Monty and get the best experience in live cooking in Ella. 

We serve buffet and ala cart in the restaurant and it neat to bar. We served five course menus with high standard of culinary touch. Over 100 seating capacity of the restaurant situated in second floor. Pizza, western eastern and Chinese food served here.

We have our own blendes of cocktails with great wines too. We have the wonderful misty mountains which is unique to Ella gap hotel.


Ella super is the only supermarket which is situated in Ella town, and it has more than 20000 verities of food items it best. Fish, Poultry, Vegetables can items and many more house hold items are there to be served.

More than 20 staff works at Monty which show the great hospitality in town.  We give the high quality of service 

We have idea middle size pool situated in second floor which is with unique view.  It filled with kids pools well, and swimming pool is opening from morning 7 am to 8.00 pm, with underwater music and modern Jacuzzi, and Separate pool area with snack bar which is give the best service to our pool customers, and fully slandered changing room provide to the guest at our best.

Pool is totally free to house gust and for the outsiders will be charge reasonable rates.  

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